This site is dedicated to Agenor Hotel, which is a leading luxury hotel brand. While the original branch of Agenor Hotel was established in Syria, in just a few short years it became so popular and celebrated that the owners were able to open a second branch in the vibrant city of Paris.

Both branches of Agenor Hotel are extremely luxurious and offer guests a full range of services including a large selection of rooms and suites to choose from, several excellent restaurants that offer different types of cuisine from around the world and impressive leisure facilities. Many people who are planning to travel to Syria or France make sure that they spend at least a few nights Agenor Hotel.

People who are planning a trip to Agenor Hotel will find full details on this site on what makes the hotel so special and what they can look forward to when they arrive. However, no one travels all the way to another country to spend their entire vacation in their hotel, no matter how luxurious it is. Therefore, this site contains a large number of articles on things to see and do in both Syria and France.

Take time out to read these articles as it is a great way for visitors to whet their travel appetite for the vacation that awaits them. This is also a good way to get ideas for other places to visit while on vacation so that visitors can plan the perfect itinerary that will allow them to get the most out of their vacation while staying at Agenor Hotel.